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My name is QiaoQiao Jade ( pronounced Chow-Chow, like the dog <3 )
I love to capture memories. 
Photographs are very important to me. I love to look at the photos of my family, my friends and my childhood. Time goes by, a great moment doesn't last forever, but that moment can be captured forever in a photograph. That is why I got my bachelor's degree in Fine Art and became a professional photographer. I want to help others preserve their happy memories and share with their loved ones. My specialties are High School/College senior and portraits :)

I do fashion and creative fine art photography.

And modeling on the side. (Photographers: Ashley Gonzales, Kaethe Richter, Randi Trujillo)

I know some very talented makeup artist and stylist that can help you get your own unique look for your photos. You will get the full modeling experience and your photos will be special. I know how it feels to be in front of the camera and there is no need to be shy. :) 


  1. holy crap. you just kicked in the door to a whole new era. i love this. you, my friend, are a pro.


  2. wow .. love ur wrk ... am a startup fotographer ... wat lenses and camera do u use ... wld love to kip in touch and learn some tips frm u .. btw ur real pweety ... check out ma foto blog