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Thursday, February 9, 2012

A colorful shoot with Yagazie Emezi.

About a couple of weeks ago I was lucky to got a shoot with Yagazie Emezi before she leaves the USA to visit Nigeria. Yagazie Emezi is so awesome!! This girl is an awesome writer, blogger, artist, model and actress. She was born and raised in Nigeria. Her mother is Malaysian but she mostly identifies with Nigerian background. I asked Yagazie to write something about herself and this is what she wrote 
"I was born and raised in Nigeria and moved to the States when I was 16. I went through a major ugly duckling phase in high school and no friends and very little self-confidence. I discovered spoken word poetry and art and that made me come out of my shell. Like most girls, I’m crazy about fashion, but it’s my hair that gets a lot of attention rather than my clothes! I don’t consider myself a model, I just like the atmosphere of being around and working photographers. If my pictures get me anywhere, that would be awesome, but if they don’t I will have some awesome pictures to look at when I am an old woman. I graduated with a double degree in Cultural Anthropology and Africana Studies, but I spend a lot of time running my expanding blogs and youtube."

Yagazie is the Creator/Founder of JungleLove
She has a popular blog called Hungry Ba Gal.
I am also a big fan her of on tumblr because she always post cool pics.
Oh this girl also makes videos! I am so impressed with her!! I cannot keep up with all these things.

Yagazie wrote me on facebook and she wanted to do a shoot with traditional Nigerian outfits but with a little bit high fashion twist. I was more than excited to work with her! She told me about Fela Kuti's queens make up and said she wants something like that. I went and look at the website of Fela Kuti's queens and wow, I loved it!!

I found an awesome makeup artist Candace Richardson, she is such a sweet heart and was so fun to work with! I send Candace the link of Fela Kuti's queens and she came up with a great look for Yagazie. 

I personally LOVE colors! It is the winter right now so it's hard to find colors in the nature. But there is this beautiful abandoned hotel on Central that is full of colors. I have done a few shoots there a long time ago and loved it. This shoot was so much fun!! Yagazie has just got her hair done (by her self! Took her a whole day.) And we had some fun throwing her hair in the air and got some cool shots with it! I really love these photos I hope you guys enjoy them too :) 


  1. Qiao qiao, I don't even know where to begin....when I got to that last yellow wall picture, I gasped. It was my favorite. Her makeup and beauty are so divine. The photos of her hair flying around are nothing short of amazing. These are so beautiful. You got this, girl. Xoxo!

  2. OMG!!! the pictures are sooooooo gawjuss!!! the makeup is flawless and the hair throwing pics are just outta here!! Great work! all dts missing is the ileke idi (waist beads) to complete the Fela Dancer dressing 'cos theylove shaking their hips and bum!!

  3. I love these images of her hair in motion. When a person can fling their hair around wildly but still maintain a beautiful face...well gosh darn it.. that's talent....or rather natural beauty...yeah that's it natural beauty.