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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Creative shoot with the beautiful and talented Jordyn Taylor.

I cannot believe I forgot post such beautiful photos. I 1st met the beautiful and talented, American pop singer-songwriter and model Jordyn Taylor at her cousin's wedding in 2011 (the wedding is actually my very 1st blog post here on blogger). She was one of the bridesmaid and she was so beautiful. She told me that she singing and models in California. She was so sweet and friendly. I started to follow her on Facebook and instagram, ever since then she has been singing and modeling all over Japan and America. You can buy her songs on iTunes. Follow her on Twitter and Spring me

She came to Albuquerque last year to visit her family, I had a chance to work with her, she was so easy and fun to work with! I am in love with these photos! But I got super busy since the shoot last year and forgot to post these photos >_< 

Makeup by Kata Baron.
Hair by Britney-Rae Sanchez.